Java – Setup the environment

Java – Setup the environment

Java – Setup the environment

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What do you need to write Java code?

  • The Java Development Kit [Download]
  • The Java Runtime Environment [Download]
  • An integrated development environment (an IDE) (I strongly recommend you the Intellij IDEA, which is free for students and has very powerful tools and inteface. [Download])

Once you’ve installed those programs, open up IntelliJ and click on the “Create New Project”:

If you create a project, you have to define the Project SDK (Software Development Kit). If you don’t have a valid option in the dropdown menu, you can add a new one and specify the path of the installed JDK folder:

If you have a valid project SDK, you can click Next.

In the following window, you can select a template for the project. We will use Command Line App template.

Specify the project’s title, package and destination folder. The package can be the default for now.

Hopefully, your project will open and IntelliJ will show useful hotkeys and tips.

IntelliJ saves your project simultaneously, so you don’t have to press always the ctrl+s buttons.

There are some useful hotkeys I’ve collected:

  • Undo: ctrl+z
  • Redo: ctrl+shift+z
  • Search: ctrl+f
  • Search in the whole project: ctrl+shift+f
  • Replace: ctrl+r
  • Prettify code: ctrl+alt+L
  • Display ways to improve the currently edited code: alt+enter

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